The 7 C's Assignment

• The "7 C's of Communication" are "the necessary and sufficient elements for experiencing communication."

• This assignment asks you to offer your best guess as to what the 7 C's are. Here are some hints: each of the 7 C's is expressible in a single word, each of those seven words is a noun, and each of those seven nouns begins with the letter C. So what I'm looking for here are the seven one-word C-word nouns which represent your best guess as to the elements required for experiencing and sufficient to produce the experience of communication.

• You may want to look in a dictionary, in a textbook, or online for ideas. You should not, however, discuss this assignment with anyone else enrolled in this course this semester, or with anyone who's taken the course from me in the past. I'm not interested in whether or not you come up with the correct answers. The point here is for you to think about communication and what's required in order to experience it. It's not unusual for people to get none of them right and yet earn full credit anyway!

• You may handwrite in ink, type or wordprocess. Pencil is not acceptable. A page number and the name you indicated on the first day of class that you'd like to be called should appear at the top of the page. No other heading is necessary. If you're using paper from a spiral-bound notebook, please rip or cut off the little snowflakes at the left-hand edge of the page before you come to class on the day the assignment is due, rather than wasting class time to do so.

• If you show me evidence that you've thought about the elements which are required for communication, and if your suggestions are all one-word nouns beginning with the letter C, you will earn full credit, whether or not you identify any of the actual 7 C's correctly. Partial credit is possible, but adjectives, adverbs, verbs, multiple-word suggestions, made-up words and illegible words will not earn credit, and neither will suggestions which are obviously not required for communication (i.e., cocaine, cognac, cardiologist).

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