Homework: CST 126


Please note that the homework assignments linked to below are summaries of the material which will be presented in class. In order to receive a complete description of an assignment, you'll need to attend the class session during which it is introduced. In case of any disagreement between the assignment as presented in class and the assignment as presented here, the in-class version takes precedence. If you have any questions about an assignment which was discussed while you were in the room, you may feel free to see or call me in my office or email me (don't forget to put "CST 126" on the subject line!) for clarification. Please do not contact me to ask about assignments which were presented during your absence. My job is to present the material once, and your job is to be there for that presentation. Please don't ask me to do more work because you failed to do your work! Instead, check the link below and/or contact a classmate. Make sure you follow the formatting instructions for each assignment carefully!

an extra credit opportunity!


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the chapter reactions

the listing assignments

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