The ?? Assignment

• Download the syllabus from our Canvas classroom, print it out, and read it carefully. On one piece of paper, ask a minimum of two questions about it. Ask the questions you need or want to hear answers to in order to be ready to be successful in your course. Don't ask about the cartoons.

• You may submit this assignment handwritten in ink, typed or wordprocessed. Pencil is not acceptable. Put the name by which you prefer to be addressed and a page number (use "1") at the top of the page. If you use paper from a spiral-bound notebook, make sure the snowflakes are removed from the left edge of the page and properly disposed of (not left on the desktop or the floor for the cleaning crew to clean up).

• Each question you ask which is in fact about the syllabus will earn you 5 points, up to a possible 10 points. If you do the assignment accurately, you'll earn 10 points.


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