bami goreng

The joke in Holland is that, if you want a really authentic meal, you go to a Chinese restaurant and eat off the Indonesian menu.

My favorite Chinese-Indonesian meal is bami goreng. Bami is a thick noodle, and goreng refers to the way it's seasoned. It's served with a thin slice of ham on top, a fried egg on top of that, a generous dollop of pindasaus (peanut sauce) and — if it's bami goreng speciaal — a variety of side dishes. Beer to drink.

Hartstikke lekker, zeg! Eet smakelijk!

That's Albert and Janny Boonstra in the photo. They're divorced but still friends, and Albert made bami and invited Janny to join us when I visited him in Almere, Holland, during the summer of 2000.

If you want to try to make your own bami, you can order the mie noodles and the seasoning and the peanut sauce from the Dutch Epicure. The results ought to turn out looking something like the picture at the bottom left, which is a bami I made in Ohio in 2001.

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