Eat, drink and be merry....

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The best meal in southern Europe: a tie between spaghetti alla carbonara and trotta alla griglia at the Trattoria Anita in Florence, Italy, and mariscos in Puerto de la Santa Maria, Spain

• The best meal in northern Europe: bami goreng speciaal at just about any Chinees-Indonesisch restaurant in Amsterdam

• The most memorable meal I've ever eaten: crabs I caught myself from a bunder boat in Karachi Harbor, Pakistan, cooked and eaten within 15 minutes of their leaving the water

The best ice cream in the world: Vivoli's (Florence, Italy)

• The best coffee: Major Dickason's Blend (from Peet's)

• The best coffee and donuts: chicory coffee and beignets at the Café du Monde in New Orleans

• The best tea: mango, peach and melon (from Pickwick)

• The best bottled ice tea: peach (from San Benedetto)

• The best California smoothies: Jamba Juice (HQ: San Luis Obispo, CA)

• The best pizza on the East Coast: Frank Pepe's (New Haven, CT)

• The best pizza in the Midwest: Giordano's (Chicago, IL)

• The best pizza on the West Coast: North Beach Pizza (San Francisco, CA)

• The best al fresco breakfast: Finton's Landing B&B (Penn Yan, NY; now sadly closed)

• The best sandwich in the world: a broodje half om at Broodje van Kootje in Amsterdam (also now closed, but you can get a very good version of the same sandwich nearby at Eetsalon van Dobben

• The best city-street snack (Josh's pick): haring met uitjes in Amsterdam

• The best city-street snack (Becca's pick): an augurk in Amsterdam

• The best city-street snack (Josh and Becca's compromise): patats in Amsterdam

• The best smoked fish: at the trout hatchery in the Fränkische Schweiz, Germany

• The best steaks for on the grill: bacon-wrapped filets from Omaha Steaks

• The best cold beer: Pilsner Urquell

• The best room-temperature beer: Newcastle Brown Ale

• The best mixed drink: a Goombay Smash, made with Ricardo Coconut Rum Liqueur and equal parts pineapple juice and fresh-squeezed orange juice

• The best place for a tropical drink: the Tonga Room (San Francisco, CA)


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