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Josh Pachter has been editing fiction anthologies and translating/editing both fiction and nonfiction from Dutch to English for more than 30 years. Since his retirement from full-time teaching in the fall of 2022, he has also begun providing developmental and content editing services. For information on availability and rates, please contact him by email.


Over the past decade, I've coordinated/directed short-story anthologies for chapters of Sisters in Crime and Bouchercon. When my current chapter NorCal Sisters, in Northern California's Bay Area decided to do an anthology, I contracted Josh to provide editing services. His work was fast and professional, and he received accolades from many of the individual contributors. He was responsive, hard-working, and in constant contact. I found him a joy to work with and highly recommend him.

Michele Drier (President, NorCal chapter of Sisters in Crime)

Josh Pachter did a line-by-line edit of my first two novels and is working with me now on book three in my Mackenzie Wilson series. His experience in the field is unparalleled, and he has, without a doubt, strengthened my writing. The first Mack Wilson book, Steadying the Ark, wound up as a finalist for the mystery/crime/thriller Goldie award, and without Josh's help that never would have happened. I unreservedly recommend Josh's services.

Rebecca K. Jones

Josh Pachter isn’t just an excellent translator. He’s also an excellent editor. I’ve rarely worked so smoothly and quickly with anyone else. Thanks, Josh, for finding me, and I'm looking forward to our next project.

Michael Berg (Dutch author)

I’ve been a full-time Flemish (Belgian) writer for 32 years and have worked with many translators and editors. Josh Pachter is one of those rare people who is talented in both areas of expertise. I worked very pleasantly with him on the translation of my short story “Checkmate in Chimbote,” which was published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, I’m looking forward to working with him again, and I heartily recommend Josh to anyone who’s looking for an excellent Dutch/Flemish-English translator and/or a terrific editor.

Bob Van Laerhoven (Belgian author)

What luck it is that one of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine’s distinguished fiction contributors has turned out also to be such a fine translator/editor from Dutch and Flemish. It takes a knowledge of literature and a writer's gift for language to successfully translate a work of fiction, and Josh Pachter is equipped with both. His translations capture so many subtle nuances of tone and the prose seems so natural that the reader can hardly believe the words didn't come directly from the original author's pen.

Janet Hutchings (editor, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)

As the author of more than a hundred books in Dutch, it was a dream come true for me when Josh translated my short story, “Stinking Plaster,” into English. The result was a world-class translation, which was immediately published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, definitely a win/win for me. Josh isn’t just a translator, but also an editor who dares to participate in the creative process, making smart choices regarding word use, nuance, tone and voice. I'm extremely happy with his work, and I hope we can collaborate again in the future.

Bavo Dhooge (Belgian author)

It was a great pleasure to work with Josh Pachter. My short story “The Lighthouse” was in good hands with him. He successfully captured the story’s tone, made it work in a different language, and was even able to point out and fix a loose end. In other words, he’s an excellent translator and editor, with a passion for what he does and an eye for details. Over the last 13 years, publishers have often told me that I work quickly, but Josh Pachter’s even faster than me!

Hilde Vandermeeren (Belgian author)

Josh Pachter is quick, enthusiastic, and flexible, and he really understands your work. He respects your style, while coming up with suggestions to make your story more suitable for an American readership, which makes his translation more valuable. I'm proud of the end result, and I hope to work together with Josh often in the future.

Ingrid Oonincx (Dutch author)

Supported, not just translated: that's how it feels when Josh Pachter readies your manuscript for a new audience. His work preserved not only my voice, but also my pace and my style: that’s a rather phenomenal achievement for a translator/editor. I’m looking forward to our next collaboration!

Toni Coppers (Belgian author)

Josh flawlessly translated our short story, “Garage 27,” into English. In addition to translating, he offered editorial suggestions which made the story better suited for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and American readers. Josh is more than just a translator: he’s also an outstanding editor, and he helps those of us who write in the Dutch language with the practical side of publishing in English.

De Paepe & Depuydt (Belgian authors)

My collaboration with Josh revealed his great love for the Dutch language and culture. He does more than simply translate an author’s words: he feels them perfectly. That’s a great bonus, because a manuscript consists of more than just words. Writing is a complex game of feelings, nuance, rhythm and subtext. Josh plays that game like a winner.

Bram Dehouck (Belgian author)

Josh Pachter isn't just a translator but a careful reader who knows what suspense is. I'm very grateful for the extra noir tip he gave me for my story in Amsterdam Noir. And regarding the translation itself, I can come right out and say: It's fantastic, I love it!

Mensje van Keulen (Dutch author)

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Josh's translation of my story “Eight Days a Week.” I found myself thinking, Wow, did I really write that? It was as if he'd raised the story to a higher level and given it an extra coat of polish. Many thanks, Josh!

Nicolet Steemers (Dutch author)

Working with Josh Pachter, who translated my book Paperbacks, U.S.A., was a treat. He suggested additions, deletions and changes which made the English-language edition noticeably better than the Dutch original. During the translation process, he patiently allowed me to complicate his work with my own frequent alterations. He did a fine job, and I look back at our collaboration as a wonderful experience.

Piet Schreuders (Dutch author)

Josh Pachter has an outstanding sense of rhythm, and that's instantly visible in his translation. Working with him is also enjoyable because he makes very good suggestions without being pushy: a translator and editor rolled into one. On top of that, he's fast, extremely fast! Many thanks for the beautiful English version of "Spui 13."

Anneloes Timmerije (Dutch author)


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