The "Redo" Policy

• I would much rather see you be successful in this course than see you be unsuccessful. With that in mind, I give you the opportunity to redo up to three of the homework assignments, either because you didn't turn them in when they were originally due or because you turned them in on time but would like to do them over for a possible higher grade.

• You may select any two homework assignments of your own choice to redo, and I'll select one assignment which the entire class will have a chance to redo. Note: the redos can only be used for homework assignments worth either 5 or 10 points, not for the speeches, the comment cards, class participation or the final exam.

• When you submit a redo, you should write the word "REDO" in large capital letters at the top of the page.

• There are two basic reasons to use a free-choice redo: (1) If you didn't turn the assignment in on the date when it was due, you may turn it in late as a redo. (2) If you turned it in on time but don't like the grade you earned, you may redo it against the possibility of a higher grade. (What if the redo earns you less credit than the original version? In that case, you'll keep the original grade. In other words, you can't possibly wind up with a lower grade as a result of a redo. However, you've still used up one of your redos, even though it didn't earn you a higher grade.)

• If you miss a class session, I may be willing to take your homework late without "charging" you one of your two free-choice redos. The Attendance Policy on your syllabus clearly tells you that, if you're absent, you need to contact me by 9 PM on the day of the absence, letting me know why you missed class. If you make that contact as instructed, and if your absence was for an excused reason, I'll take your homework at the beginning of the next class session, and you don't need to use a redo. If you fail to make contact as instructed, though, or if your absence was not for an excused reason, then you may turn the assignment in late, but it will count as one of your two redos and should be marked "REDO" at the top of the page. Excused reasons for absence include but are not limited to illness serious enough for you to see a doctor, the funeral of a close friend or family member, and attendance at a college-sponsored event (in which case you need to give me a permission slip before the day of the event, not afterwards). Car trouble, babysitter problems, your job, family vacations, minor illnesses which don't require a doctor visit, meetings with your parole officer, broken alarm clocks, hangovers, and other similar issues are not excused reasons for missing class.

• If you think I graded an assignment incorrectly, you're welcome to discuss that with me. If I made a mistake, I'll apologize for it and correct it and of course that won't cost you a redo, either. (If it turns out that I made a mistake in your favor, you have my permission to keep it. I will never lower your grade based on your having had a conversation with me. I promise!)

• The last day I will accept redos is indicated in the "Important Notes" section at the end of your syllabus. If you don't use both of your free-choice redos, you may "cash in" each unused redo for 2 extra-credit points.

• (Note: In most cases, graded homework will be returned to you with comments from me in addition to the grade. Redone assignments, however, will come back to you with a grade but no comments. If you'd like to get feedback on a redo in addition to the grade, please feel free to visit me in my office during my office hours, and be sure to bring the paper with you.)

• Again, I'd like to see you do well in your class. Human beings make mistakes sometimes, and I don't like the idea that a couple of honest mistakes on your part could make it impossible for you to be successful in this course. That's why the redo option exists. I encourage you to use it as needed!


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