The Matrix Assignment

• Lay out your collage, a second (blank) piece of poster board, the Relationship Matrix handout, and the 3 Tests for Relationships handout.

• Reproduce the Relationship Matrix in large scale on the blank piece of poster board. Be sure to include the complete drawing. Make sure the words "YES" and "NO" appear in the proper places. Make sure the numbers appear centered and large and inside the proper boxes. Include the question "FINISHED?" with a question mark at the top and the question "COMPLETE?" with a question mark at the left.

Without disassembling the collage, mentally select any one item (text, picture, or 3D object) from it and remember what person is represented by that item. Using the "3 Tests" handout, figure out which of the four boxes of the matrix that relationship fits into. Each relationship will fit into one and only one box. Once you've determined where the relationship fits, collage something representing that relationship into the appropriate box of the large-scale version of the matrix. (I recommend that you use text only no pictures and no 3D objects although that's a recommendation, not a requirement.)

• Once you've situated something representing that relationship into the matrix, move on to another relationship. Although it may be slow going at first, you'll find that the process gets easier after you've done the first few relationships.

• It's possible that, in some cases, you'll find yourself experiencing some emotion. That's perfectly normal. Just notice the emotion and continue working. (It's equally normal not to experience emotion, so don't worry about it either way.)

• You may find that one or more of the boxes remains empty. That's also normal. Some people use all four boxes. Some use only three of them, some two, and some find that all of their relationships fit into the same single box. Don't worry about that. Just use the tests, figure out where each relationship fits, and collage text representing that relationship into the appropriate box.

• If you have trouble figuring out where a relationship fits, remember that, for each of the three tests, "I don't know" is an acceptable answer. That should solve the problem. If it doesn't, just skip that relationship or see me or call me in my office during my office hours and talk it over with me.

• For every relationship you collage into the matrix, you earn a half point, up to a maximum of 20 points. In order to earn full credit, therefore, you need to transfer 40 relationships from the collage into the matrix. There should be at least 80 relationships represented on your collage, so you don't need to move them all into the matrix to earn full credit but you're welcome to move them all, if you'd like to!

• On the day that the matrix assignment is due, you should have an accurate count of how many relationships are represented. (You don't need to know how many are in each box, just how many are on the matrix in total.) The project will be graded in class, not collected, and you'll bring it back home with you the same day. Don't dispose of it you'll be working with it as you do the schedule assignment, which is the next project!

• Note: the matrix assignment is not eligible for the class "redo" policy.


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