Guidelines for Submitting Homework Assignments

• Research shows that approximately 90% of the problems people experience in their communication come from their own failures to follow other people's directions accurately. With that statistic in mind, one of the goals of this course is to give you the opportunity to make sure you know how to follow directions. In order to reach that goal, I will be giving you very specific instructions for your homework assignments. If you follow those instructions carefully, you'll do fine and earn high grades. If you fail to follow the instructions, you will fail the assignments and earn low grades often zeroes.

• The specific instructions for individual assignments will be presented in class, and they will also be available in the Homework section of this website. In addition to those specific instructions, there are also some general instructions which will apply to all of the assignments:

• Pencil will never be acceptable for any of your assignments. Work submitted in pencil will automatically receive a grade of zero. In CST 126, the Listing Assignments (L1 through L5) must be handwritten in ink. In CST 229, the ICE assignments (ICE 1 through ICE 4) must be typed or word-processed All other assignments in all courses may be handwritten (in ink), typed or word-processed.

• During the first week of the semester, you will select a name you'd like to be called by in this course. This name must appear at the top of every page of every homework assignment. If someone else in your class selects the same name, then you must also put your last name at the top of every page of every assignment. I will throw away any page that doesn't have your class name up at the top, without reading it or grading it. (The Nametag assignment and, in CST 126, the Collage and Matrix assignments will operate slightly differently. The differences will be explained in class.)

• Next to your name at the top of every page of every assignment, you must put a page number. No matter which assignment it is, its first page should be numbered 1, its second page should be numbered 2, and so on. I will throw away any page that doesn't have a page number up at the top, without reading it or grading it. (Again, the Nametag, Collage and Matrix assignments will be slightly different, and the differences will be explained in class.)

• If you are doing your assignments on notebook paper, the pages should be neatly removed from the notebook before the beginning of the class session during which the assignment is due. If you are removing homework pages from your notebook during class time, that assignment will be graded zero. If you use a spiral notebook, the little snowflakes at the left-hand edge of the page must be removed before class begins. If you are removing snowflakes from your homework during class time, that assignment will not be collected and will be graded zero.

• This is not an English class. It is, however, a college class, and I will expect your assignments to be written at the college level. This means that assignments should use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Be aware that the spell-check feature built in to your word processing software doesn't work: spell-checked papers almost always contain more spelling mistakes than do papers which have not been spell-checked! For assignments done on your computer, you should turn your spell-check off. If you don't know how to do that, you should ask someone who does.

• If you miss a class session, I may be willing to take your homework late without penalty. The Attendance Policy on your syllabus clearly tells you that, if you're absent, you need to contact me by 9 PM on the day of the absence, letting me know why you missed class. If you make that contact as instructed, and if your absence was for an excused reason, I'll take your homework at the beginning of the next class session without penalty. If you fail to make contact as instructed, though, or if your absence was not for an excused reason, then you may turn the assignment late, but it will count as one of your two free-choice redos (see the "Redo Policy" handout) and should be marked "REDO" at the top of the page. "Excused" reasons for absence include but are not limited to illness serious enough for you to see a doctor, the funeral of a close friend or family member, and attendance at a college-sponsored event (in which case you need to give me a permission slip before the day of the event, not afterwards). Car trouble, babysitter problems, your work schedule, job interviews, family vacations, minor illnesses which don't require a doctor visit, meetings with your parole officer, broken alarm clocks, hangovers, Magic: the Gathering tournaments, spring fever, general ennui, and other similar issues are not legitimate excuses for missing class or for turning assignments in late.


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