The Group Presentation

• You will be assigned to a group of 3-6 students (depending on the size of your class). Each group will be assigned one chapter of our textbook, and your group's task is to deliver a group presentation no shorter than 10 minutes and no longer than 12 minutes in which you teach your classmates the most important information offered by your assigned chapter. You are allowed but not required to use notes and/or visual aids or props.

• A group presentation is not just a series of individual speeches. Your job is to present as a group. Some students use this assignment as an opportunity to act out a series of skits to illustrate their chapter's most important content, some devise a Jeopardy-style game show, others come up with other approaches. There is no one required or even one best approach. There is, however, a worst approach, and that is to simply stand side-by-side and deliver a series of individual speeches, each on one aspect of the chapter.

• As you know from your information speech, you should be careful to cite the sources of your facts in a speech, just like in a term paper. For this assignment, though, there should be no citations. The only source you should use is your assigned textbook chapter, and it's a given that the material you present will come from that chapter -- so no citations are needed.

• In addition to the presentation itself, each group will be responsible for preparing a one-page handout covering the information covered in the presentation and a five-minute quiz on the same information, and each group member will be responsible for preparing an evaluation of the contributions of the members of the group, self included. Your evaluations will be collected at the beginning of the class period, your quiz will be administered after your presentation, and your handout will be distributed after your classmates have taken your quiz. Be sure to bring enough copies of the handout and the quiz for each of your classmates, plus an additional copy for the instructor. Note: How well your classmates score on your quiz will not affect anyone's grade, although the quality of the quiz will affect your group's grade.

• The group presentation is worth a possible total of 30 points. You will receive two separate grades: a GROUP GRADE (out of a possible 15 points) and an INDIVIDUAL GRADE (also out of a possible 15 points). Each member of your group will receive the same GROUP GRADE, but different group members may well receive different INDIVIDUAL GRADEs. Your grades will be based on the following criteria:

a. GROUP GRADE (15 points): Did the group do a good job of deciding which information from the chapter to include and which to leave out? Was the information presented effectively, so that the other students in the class are given a fair opportunity to learn the material? Is the presentation truly a group presentation, as opposed to a simple series of individual speeches? Is each member of the group given a relatively equal opportunity to participate in the presentation? Is the presentation effective? Is the handout made effectively? Does the quiz do a good and fair job of testing the class' mastery of the concepts included in the presentation?

b. INDIVIDUAL GRADE (15 points): How effective a participant in the presentation were you? Did you provide a thoughtful evaluation of your own and your other group members' participation in the preparation of the presentation? Have you shown that you paid attention to and made use of the feedback offered to you (and to your classmates) during the rounds of impromptu and information speeches?

• If your presentation meets the time requirements for the assignment, these are the grades which will be recorded in my grade book. If your presentation is shorter than the minimum required time, your GROUP GRADE will be prorated against the percentage of the minimum time requirement you used. (In other words, if you speak for five minutes, which is exactly half of the required ten minutes, you will receive exactly half of your group grade, and so on.) If you are still speaking at the end of twelve minutes, I will stop you and subtract three points (10% of the total value of the assignment) from your GROUP GRADE. There will be no time-related adjustment to the INDIVIDUAL GRADE, regardless of whether or not your group meets the time requirement for the assignment.


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