Edible Homework

Some of this course’s homework assignments are brief, requiring students to turn in as little as a single sentence. Years ago, I began only about half jokingly announcing that these assignments could be “handwritten in ink, typed or wordprocessed or you can even ice them on a cake, if you want to.” That would get a chuckle, and I’d add, “I’ll grade your homework, and then we can eat it!” Every once in a while, some wacky student actually takes me up on this and brings in a cake (or other goodie!) with homework on it. Here are a couple of examples from recent years, photographed and posted here with the permission of the students involved. I hope some of you will be wacky enough to take on the challenge of doing your homework in edible format if you do, be sure to bring paper plates and napkins, so we don’t leave a mess for the next group to use our classroom!

Click on a photo for a larger image and explanation.

ashley pizza tony nicole
jonathan crash lindsey brittany
crash amy christian krysti

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