The D/D Assignment

• Unlike many other classes, public speaking is a subject where you walk in the door already in possession of considerable knowledge. This assignment gives you the opportunity to share some of what you already know about public speaking.

• Your job is to submit a total of four sentences. The first two should each begin with the word DO, all in capital letters. The last two should each begin with the word DON’T, again all in capital letters. Each sentence should offer a tip for public speakers to follow during the delivery of their speeches. All four tips should be different from each other, not the same thing expressed in different ways. Don't look this up anywhere: the point is for you to tell me some of what you already know about public speaking. (Note: Offer tips for delivering a speech, not for preparing one and not for listening to one.)

• Your sentences may be handwritten in ink, typed or wordprocessed. Pencil is not acceptable. A page number and the name you indicated on the first day of class that you'd like to be called should appear at the top of the page. No other heading is necessary. If you're using paper from a spiral-bound notebook, please rip or cut off the little snowflakes at the left-hand edge of the page before you come to class on the day the assignment is due, rather than wasting class time to do so.

• If you do in fact submit two public-speaking “DO’s” and two public-speaking “DON’Ts” and follow the instructions, you earn full credit, whether I happen to agree with your ideas or not. Partial credit is possible. Full credit for this assignment is 5 points.


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