Top Science Fiction: The Author's Choice

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Brian W. Aldis, "All the World's Tears"

Isaac Asimov, "The Last Question"

Alfred Bester, "The Men Who Murdered Mohammed"

Ben Bova, "A Small Kindness"

Ray Bradbury, "There Will Come Soft Rains"

John Brunner, "The Totally Rich"

L. Sprague de Camp, "Internal Combustion"

Terry Carr, "Hop-Friend"

Arthur C. Clarke, "Transit of Earth"

Jack Dann, "Going Under"

Alan Dean Foster, "Why Johnny Can't Speed"

Harry Harrison, "Rescue Operation"

Ursula K. Le Guin, "Mazes"

Fritz Leiber, "Endfray of the Ofay"

Barry N. Malzberg, "A Galaxy Called Rome"

Anne McCaffrey, "The Ship Who Sang"

Larry Niven, "The Green Marauder"

Doris Piserchia, "A Typical Day"

Frederik Pohl, "Day Million"

Robert Silverberg, "Capricorn Games"

Brian Stableford, "The Engineer and the Executioner"

A.E. van Vogt, "Film Library"

Jack Williamson, "The Cosmic Express"

Connie Willis, "Daisy, in the Sun"

Gene Wolfe, "In Looking-Glass Castle"


NOTE: The Dutch and German editions contained the following additional stories:


Barrington J. Bayley, "The Exploration of Space"

Michael Bishop, "Cathadonian Odyssey"

Robert Bloch, "I Like Blondes"

Marion Zimmer Bradley, "Elbow Room"

Damien Broderick, "Passage in Earth"

Lee Correy, "Remodeling of Eve"

Richard Deming, "The Shape of Things That Came"

Thomas M. Disch, "Mutability"

Carol Emshwiller, "The Start of the End of the World"

Dennis Etchison, "The Dead Line"

Horace L. Gold, "The Man With English"

Ron Goulart, "Amnesty"

Edward D. Hoch, "Zoo"

R.A. Lafferty, "Continued on Next Rock"

Sam Moskowitz, "The Way Back"

Andre Norton, "All Cats Are Gray"

Josh Pachter, "The Boy Who Cried Alien"

Bill Pronzini, "And Then We Went to Venus"

Pamela Sargent, "Clone Sister"

Henry Slesar, "Examination Day"

Michael Swanwick, "Walden Three"

James White, "Countercharm"

George Zebrowski, "Heathen God"

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