The Walthiuses

When I moved back to the US from Germany in 1991, I rented the upper half of a two-family house in Lakewood, on Athens. My next-door neighbors were Michael and Joanne Walthius, their son David (not pictured) and newborn Kelly. Michael worked long hours downtown, but Joanne was a stay-at-home mom, and she and I drank a lot of coffee together and had great conversations when I was home during the day. Michael is a keyboard wizard, and you can hear samples of his music and order his excellent CD, Dreaming in Stereo, here.

Michael's day job took the Walthii to the Chicago area in 2000, but his parents still live in Lakewood, so they pass through town around the holidays — and I spent a pleasant weekend with them in Illinois in 2002. (That's when I took this picture, as we walked through lovely woods not far from their home.)

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