Ricardo Coconut Rum

I first came across this elixir during my honeymoon at the Elbow Cay Club in the Bahamas. Expatriated Danish club owner Annie mixed a shot of Ricardo with equal parts pineapple juice and fresh OJ, and the result — though not, apparently, the traditional Goombay Smash — is the best mixed drink I have ever had. (I think Lydia took the picture below — and, from the fuzziness, it seems she must have been getting a little Smashed herself.)

The problem is that the rum isn't generally imported into the US. Once, I found it at some mega liquor store in Chicago, but that was the only time I've ever seen it in this country.

Whenever I hear of anyone going down to the Bahamas, though, I have them bring me back a bottle. Or two.

You wouldn't happen to be heading down that way any time soon, now, would you?....

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