Reading from left to right in the back row: me, my brother Richard, Becca, my nephew Sam, my sister Laura and my niece Alia. Up front, also left to right, are my nephew Jacob, niece Allie and sister-in-law Terry. Richard's an attorney and Terry's a dentist; they live in California. Laura works in the family business (Bras 'n' Things, a lingerie store) and lives with her kids in Florida. This picture was taken in California around 2001, the last time all of us were able to get together.

Speaking of family, I also have a pair of parents — Martha and Bernie — and, although they've both now passed away, I used to have a pair of grandmothers. (My grandfathers both died before I was born.) This next picture was taken in March of 1973, on the occasion of Richard's bar mitzvah. That's Bernie and me standing in the back, and Martha, Laura and Richard in the front. (The suit I'm wearing is, I will note, the last suit I ever owned. Of the hair, deponant sayeth not.)

Here are two pictures taken on December 11, 1977 — the day I got married.

Reading from left to right, you're looking at me, Lydia, Richard, Laura, Martha and Bernie. We're standing behind my parents' home in Tamarac, FL — pretty much on the golf course.

That's Pearl Pachter (my father's mother) at the left, and Nettie Abramowitz (my mother's mother) at the right. Lovely ladies, both of them. Rest in peace, grandmas....

Now here's a more recent shot of Martha, my mom:

And on the subject of family, here's one more relevant photo:

The two guys flanking Becca are her half-brothers, Jeff and Kevin. They are terrific guys, both of them, but their mother doesn't have any contact with them, and Becca knew of their existence but had never met them. She was fascinated by the idea of having brothers, though, and I tracked them down for her and took her out to Los Angeles to meet them around 1997 or '98. They're both married, and each of them has a son and a daughter, so we also got to meet two half-sisters-in-law, two half-nieces and two half-nephews! Everyone got along famously, and we've since been back a couple more times....

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