Some 2000 years ago, all of Gaul (that's what France was called in those days) was occupied by Roman emperor Caesar's soldiers. All of Gaul? No, one little settlement resisted the conquerors and made the life of the Romans in the surrounding army camps not exactly comfortable....

Asterix (the little guy with the wings on his cap) lives in that Gallic settlement. So does the big guy, Obelix, his best friend. When Asterix takes a slug of the power drink brewed by Panoramix, the village Druid, he becomes invincibly strong. (Obelix, who as a baby was accidentally dropped into a vat of the power drink, is permanently strong.) If there's anything these two like better than hunting and eating wild boar, it's beating the crap out of a platoon of Roman soldiers.

Their adventures —originally written (in French) by R. Goscinny and drawn by A. Uderzo, both written and drawn by Uderzo since Goscinny's death several years ago — are fast-paced, exciting, funny and filled with memorable characters.

There are about 30 titles in the series — illustrated is #17, Caesar's Laurel Wreath — and many are available in English (and assorted other languages). The official website can be found here.

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