Michael Moschen

One night I came in from class or somewhere, flipped on the TV, and found on PBS a man doing remarkable things with his hands and eight crystal spheres. I watched, fascinated, the last few minutes of the program — and, when the show ended with information about how to buy it on video, I picked up the phone and ordered a copy — the first and only time I've ever bought anything off of a television ad.

Calling Michael Moschen a juggler would be about as accurate as calling van Gogh or Rembrandt a doodler. They are all artists, and where the van Goghs and Rembrandts created their art with brushes and paint, Moschen creates his with his body, with crystal balls and rubber balls and walls and floors and metal rings and an assortment of other ordinary and not-so-ordinary objects.

I would love to see this man perform live, but he doesn't seem to tour — and recently his website seems to have been taken down. You can get to a couple of short video clips by going here, though, and you and there's a marvelous 6-minute video here.

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