Rebecca Jones

Like most kids, my daughter Becca loved to color and draw. When we lived in a Lakewood double from 1991 to 1995, the steep stairwell leading up to our second-floor apartment was lined on both sides with her artwork, and we called those two walls the Museum of Rebecca Art. To this day, the door to my bedroom wears a 3D piece she did in the first grade: you see a door and the legend "I image that I open a door and see diamonds flying around inside the door" — and, sure enough, when you open the door, there are diamonds flying around inside.

In 2000, during her freshman year at Choate, Becca did this pastiche of a Matisse in an art class, and I asked her to give it to me for Father's Day. She did, and I had it matted and framed at Pat Catan's and hung it in the living room.

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