Top Fantasy: The Authors' Choice

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Michael Avallone, "The Man Who Walked on Air"

J.G. Ballard, "Report on an Unidentified Space Station"

Barrington J. Bayley, "The Ship of Disaster"

Michael Bishop, "Collaborating"

Robert Bloch, "The Man Who Collected Poe"

Ray Bradbury, "The Fog Horn"

Marion Zimmer Bradley, "The Day of the Butterflies"

Ramsey Campbell, "The Depths"

Terry Carr, "Touchstone"

Thomas M. Disch, "Let Us Quickly Hasten to the Gate of Ivory"

Horace L. Gold, "Trouble With Water"

Joe L. Hensley, "Harpist"

Tanith Lee, "Blue Vase of Ghosts"

Ursula K. Le Guin, "The Wife's Story"

Brian Lumley, "The House of Cthulu"

John Lutz, "The Real Shape of the Coast"

Anne McCaffrey, "The Littlest Dragonboy"

Josh Pachter, "Caves in Cliffs"

Pamela Sargent, "The Broken Hoop"

Robert Silverberg, "Dancers in the Time-Flux"

Nancy Springer, "Amends, A Tale of the Sun Kings"

Karl Edward Wagner, "Sing a Last Song of Valdese"

Connie Willis, "The Father of the Bride"

Gene Wolfe, "Kevin Malone"


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