"The Leo's Den Affair"

written with Francis M. Nevins, Jr.

"Short-story specialist Josh Pachter and historian/mystery-novelist Mike Nevins collaborate on a tale that shows Tracy working effectively in an Ellery Queen mode."

from Max Allan Collins' introduction

This story started out as a third case for Byrnes and Allen, my Zodiac Detective and his partner — see also "Gemini" and "DDS 10752 Libra" — but Mike and I were unable to sell it that way.

Several years later, he was asked to contribute a story to this movie tie-in, put together in the wake of Warren Beatty's successful film, and he asked me if I'd object to him converting it to a Dick Tracy adventure. I didn't object, and I think the story actually does fit the Tracy mold. So, apparently, did Max and Marty....

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