Thrillers & Detectives

Dutch crime writer and critic Theo Capel founded T&D in 1981. It was a very nicely put together magazine, thin (a typical issue ran no more than 24 pages) but beautifully designed and crammed full of news, reviews, interviews and occasional fiction.

The March 1984 issue includes my "Zoete Wraak," which means "Sweet Revenge" — a much better title than the one which appeared on the story when it was originally published in AHMM 10 years earlier.

The next issue I have comes from June of 1986, and it contains what seems not to be the first appearance of my "Dode kapitalisten" ("Dead Capitalists") column — sort of a Short Sheet for Dutch readers. The next 10 issues all ran regular installments of "Dk" (T&D published five times a year, so through June of 1988). I'm not sure if I stopped writing it at that point, or if Theo cut it. Either way, he shut the magazine down altogether in 1989, so apparently it couldn't survive without me!

We used the same photograph every time. I think it was taken outside the leather market in Florence, Italy: that warthog looks awfully familiar. (The warthog is on the right. Don't be a smart aleck.)

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