Mr. Snoid and Other Stories

by Robert Crumb

My first wife, Lydia, a Dutch woman, was probably the world's #1 Beatles fan, and she was close friends with Har van Fulpen, the president of the Dutch Beatles Fan Club, and his wife Annemieke (and their kids, Michelle and Daniël). Har and Annemieke ran Uitgeverij Drukwerk, a publishing company which specialized in comic books, and they hired us to translate several American underground comix from Dutch into English.

Mr. Snoid was, I think, our first. The Snoid is a dirty-minded little bastard, R. Crumb's black-and-white drawings are terrific, and we had a lot of fun figuring out how to make his filthy mouth say things in Dutch.

Har also wrote a book about the Beatles, Beatles Dagboek, which I eventually translated into English as The Beatles: An Illustrated Diary.

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