"Father Knows Bets"

By 2017, "flash fiction" was a pretty firmly established thing. Depending on who you ask, what it means is stories up to and including a thousand words in length, or up to and including seven hundred words in length, or up to and including some other randomly selected maximum length.

My own fiction has been getting shorter and shorter over the years I haven't done the actual statistical analysis, but my gut tells me that my stories used to average five to six thousand words and have now come down to an average of two to three thousand so I decided to give flash a shot, and "Father Knows Bets" (which comes in at a little under five hundred words) was the result. I wrote it in part of a day, sent it off to the online flash magazine Shotgun Honey which publishes a single new story every Monday and had an acceptance the same evening.

They put it online on October 9, 2017, and you can read it here. (The photo was used to illustrate my accompanying bio. It was taken on October 8, 2017. I won the sword on October 7, voted best reader of the evening by the audience at DC's "Noir at the Bar," held twice a year at the Wonderland Ballroom in NW. I read "Selfie," from the February 2016 EQMM.)

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