"All That Mattered"

written with Joe L. Hensley

"This is a forward, an introduction if you will. So let me introduce you to Josh Pachter, who collaborated with me on 'All That Mattered.' Josh is a young teacher employed by the University of Maryland and he works for them now in West Germany. He's also the editor of a number of anthologies and I came upon him because of the anthologies. His publishing connections began in The Netherlands but now they're pretty much worldwide. He writes short stories for Ellery Queen's and other magazines and now is finishing a novel. I like him. Recently, in New York for the mystery writers' meeting, we kicked around town together with some kindred spirits like Al Nussbaum and Mike Nevins (who is, no kidding, an Edgar winner and a law professor in St. Louis — me being not the only odd duck in the pond). One of the anthologies Josh put together for his Dutch publisher was a group of collaborations with people like Ed Hoch, K. Arne Blom (of Sweden), Jon L. Breen and me, to mention a few. Josh and I did 'All That Mattered' for that. Later the story was sold to The Saint but died there when that magazine faded from sight after a few issues. No one else bought it, but Josh liked it, I liked it, and our joint agent on the story, Virginia Kidd, liked it. So here 'tis."

from Joe Hensley's foreward

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