"Caves in Cliffs"

Some time around 1999 or 2000, Becca and I were browsing around Border's in Strongsville, OH, when she came running up to me with a copy of this book in her hand, excitedly informing me that it contained one of my stories. This was news to me, since the Oxford University Press had never asked me for permission to reprint "Caves in Cliffs" in their 1994 collection — nor had they paid me for its use!

I found an email address for them online and sent them a very polite note, got a response assuring me that they'd tried to locate me but had been unable to find me. And, sure enough, they sent me a very generous check (or should I say cheque?), way more than I'd been able to pay myself for the story's original publication in Top Fantasy.

In 2000, the OUP used the story again in Ghost Stories 2.


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