"The Odds Are Good"

I have my wife Laurie to thank for this one.

Early in April, she shared with me an article about the male-to-female ratio in Alaska, which at a hundred and eight men to every hundred women is the highest in the US. Somewhere in the article, an Alaskan woman is quoted as saying that, up there in the Last Frontier, "the odds are good ... but the goods are odd." Laurie knew I'd be able to get a story out of that line ... and she was right!

The story was a breeze to write. I set it at the Bamboo Bar, "Haines, Alaska's one and only tiki bar, around the corner from the Hammer Museum." The Bamboo Bar is a real place, and Laurie and I had a tasty lunch and a tasty local beer there when our honeymoon Alaska cruise stopped in Haines for a very pleasant day.

This was the fifth story I've sent to Kerry Carter at Mystery Weekly. So far, I'm batting a thousand with her, and "The Odds Are Good" appeared in MW's August 2020 issue. You can purchase a copy here, if you'd like to read the story.

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