Mystery & Detective Monthly

Captain Bob Napier's MDM was what is called a "letterzine" — which means that most if not all of the content consisted of letters from readers. It was available by subscription only, and, while some subscribers were "lurkers" who read but didn't contribute, most were active participants. The letters focused mostly on things mysterious, but other matters were also discussed; a typical letter would be a mix of new thoughts and responses to comments made in the previous issue (with Cap'n Bob sometimes adding his own two cents parenthetically).

I subscribed for several years in the late '80s and early '90s, and one ongoing topic of discussion was Becca's "move" from Germany to the US. The MDM readership was concerned, caring and supportive.

Frank Hamilton contributed regular pen-and-ink author illustrations for the front cover of each issue — and, in October 1989, I pulled the issue illustrated here out of its mailing envelope to find a lovely Hamilton illo of B and me. (Read more about this particular Hamilton image here.)

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