The Nine Lives of Fat Freddy's Cat

by Gilbert Shelton

We did two Shelton books, this one and Thoroughly Ripped with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

Not too long after this volume was published, Gilbert Shelton and his wife visited their Dutch publishers, Har and Annemieke van Fulpen, for a couple of days. One evening, Lydia and I were invited over. Shelton, I remember, was a very pleasant guy, very easy to talk to. We brought our copy of this book along for him to sign, and he not only wrote his name but took the time to draw a lovely little sketch of the cat. (When I moved from Europe back to the US in 1991, I mailed myself most of my archival copies of books and magazines I'd been involved in. For some reason, though, I didn't mail any of the comix Lydia and I translated. Years later, I contacted Har, and he kindly sent me replacement copies. And, inside my replacement copy of Fat Freddy's Cat, sure enough, there's Gilbert Shelton's signature and a lovely little sketch....)

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