"The Ivory Beast"

The "Gathering" was an assortment of University of Maryland European Division faculty members and students who gathered at each other's homes in and around Kasierslautern, West Germany, to read from their own and critique each others' poems and fiction. I lived several hours away, but attended a number of meetings, spending the corresponding weekends at the home of gatherer Tom Moore. Somewhere along the line, it was decided to publish a UMd creative-writing magazine, which we naturally agreed to call Gathering in our own honor. I contributed a Mahboob Chaudri story (which you can read here).

The story was later reprinted in New Mystery, which allowed it to be read by a couple more readers than had seen it in Gathering. (Not many, probably, but a couple....) You'll find more information about the story — and photos of some of the real-life people and places it's based on — by clicking on this link to the New Mystery page.

I've lost touch with most of my fellow Gatherers, the exceptions being Tom Moore and Tom Crain.

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