"End of the Line"

by De Paepe & Depuydt

Around a year and a half after I translated their "Garage 27" for the May 2016 issue of EQMM, Herbert De Paepe and Els Depuydt sent me a second story, "End of the Line." I liked it but thought it needed some revision. They very graciously produced a new draft of the story that incorporated my suggestions, and EQMM editor Janet Hutchings bought my translation around the middle of 2018 and rushed it into print in a remarkably short time. Janet's introduction says that Herbert and Els were once married, which is untrue. They were in fact a couple for some twenty-two years, but they never actually got married. Remarkably, they have managed to continue their writing collaboration with great success, even after their romantic relationship ended. I had dinner with the two of them in Gent, where they both live, when I was in Belgium in May of 2017, and then Laurie and I met Herbert and his girlfriend Christa for a drink a year later, again in Gent.

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