"The Spy and the Suicide Club"

written with Edward D. Hoch

"This is a one-time-only collaboration between Edward D. Hoch and Josh Pachter written for an anthology Mr. Pachter is putting together of collaborations between himself and other major short-story writers in the genre. Look for it!

"Socrates was a suicide club with regular clubrooms in St. James's Place, Hastings told Rand. Those who joined desired help and support in ending their own lives. The membership rolls were a closely guarded secret, but as Rand might imagine, Hastings added, there was quite a turnover...."

Of all of the Partners in Crime stories I cowrote, this was the one with which I had the least involvement. If memory serves, Ed Hoch suggested the idea of the suicide club, I roughed out a basic plotline, and then he wrote the story.

"There Goes Ravelaar"

written by Janwillem van de Wetering

This was the second and last of van de Wetering's stories which he allowed me to translate from Dutch into English for him. It wound up receiving an Edgar nomination.

Although I'm listed as a co-author of the Hoch story and translator of the van de Wetering story inside this issue, their names appear on the cover and mine doesn't.

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