Dizzy Me

by Tania Stadsbader and Floris Wuyts

Tania Stadsbader is a Belgian woman who for more than a decade suffered from debilitating dizzy spells. Floris Wuyts is the doctor who finally correctly diagnosed and cured her. Tania's "Dizzy Me" blog eventually turned into a book containing two sections: a memoir of her illness and eventual cure, and Dr. Wuyts' scientific account of the causes and treatment of chronic vestibular conditions.

In 2015, Tania launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the preparation of an English-language edition of Dizzy Me. The campaign was successful, and I was hired to translate Tanya's part of the book and a series of mini-essays from other "dizzies," as she calls her international community of fellow sufferers. (Floris Wuyts translated the science half of the book himself.)

In May of 2017, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon and evening with Tania and her family at their lovely home in Herne, Belgium. I already knew what they all looked like from photographs, but it was a pleasure to get to meet them at long last!

Although Tania's story comes to a logical (and she-lived-happily-ever-after) conclusion, vestibular science is constantly evolving, so it took quite a while before Floris' half of the book was considered ready to share with the English-speaking world. The English edition of Dizzy Me was finally published in the fall of 2017 by Kügler Publications.

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