CD inserts

Among his many and widely diverse range of projects, Dutch graphic designer Piet Schreuders has done the insert booklets for a number of compact discs. Twice in the '90s he hired me to translate the booklet text into English. (Cashing an international bank check can be a hassle, so I've had him pay me in Dutch-language Asterix and Suske en Wiske comic books!)

Ferde Grofé, little remembered today, was a popular and successful American composer/arranger whose career spanned four decades, from the early 1920s through the late 1950s.

The Beau Hunks is a Dutch big band which has recorded several unusual albums, such as a collection of music originally written for Little Rascals films and these two discs. Newsweek once called them "the best thing from Holland since tulips." Ronald Jansen Heijtmajer, featured Fingerbustin' saxophonist, is a regular member of the Hunks.

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