The Brooklyn Bridge Bulletin

Okay, so, Lydia introduced me to Har van Fulpen, Har introduced me to Piet Schreuders, and Piet introduced me to his friend, designer/author Ed Schilders.

Dutch people sometimes have a tendency to become sort of obsessive about things, and, where Piet's obsession (one of them, anyway) is cats, Ed's is the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, that Brooklyn Bridge — the one that isn't in Holland. And Ed's Brooklyn Bridge Bulletin, which didn't last anywhere near as long as Piet's still-flourishing Poezenkrant, was about ... well, it was about the Brooklyn Bridge, see. It was filled, cover to cover, with photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge, articles about the Brooklyn Bridge, poems about the Brooklyn Bridge, old advertisements featuring images of the Brooklyn Bridge ... do you get the picture, here?

Where the Poezenkrant's readership is mainly Dutch, the BBB was sold mainly to residents of, well, Brooklyn, so it was published in English. And Ed's English was, well, bad, so he hired me in as the associate editor to make sure that all the English was, well, English.

I'm not sure how many issues I worked on. This was by far the nicest one. It's the May 24, 1983, issue, published on quality paper and, at 48 pages, significantly longer than usual, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the ... well, you figure it out.

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