Alphabetical Bibliography




• "50"

• "A Clear Case of Death"

• "A Locked-Room Murder" (published in Dutch only)

• "A Study in Scarlett!"

• "A Woman's Place" (written with Rene Appel)

• "A Young Man's Game"

• "Adventure of the Black-and-Blue Carbuncle, The"

• "Adventure of the Red Circles, The"

• "All That Mattered" (written with Joe L. Hensley)

• "Annika Andersson" (written with Stanley Cohen)

• "Assignment: Vienna" (published in two parts)

• "ASU"

• "Beat of Black Wings, The"

• "Beer Drinkers, The"

• "Better Not Look Down"

• "Better Safe Than Sorry" (written with Michael Avallone)

• "Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted"

• "Boy Who Cried Alien, The"

• "Brimley/Cocoon Line, The"

• "Busman's Holiday"

• "Caves in Cliffs"

• "Cell Division" (written with Rene Appel)

• "Chain Reaction"

• "City of Light, The"

• "Coffee Date" (written with Laurie Pachter)

• "Crank Call"

• "Cremains of the Day, The"

• "DDS 10752 Libra" (written with John Lutz)

• "Defenestration of Prague, The" (published in two parts)

• "Dilmun Exchange, The"

• "Dime Machine, The" (published in Dutch only)

• "E.Q. Griffen Earns His Name"

• "E.Q. Griffen's Second Case"

• "Eb and Flo"

• "Eighty Million Noses"

• "Escape, The" (published in Dutch only)

• "Father Knows Bets"

• "Five Orange Pipes, The"

• "Ga Je Mee?"

• "Gemini"

• "German Cologne Mystery, The" (written with Jon L. Breen)

• "Great Filling Station Holdup, The"

• "Groucho Marx Murders, The"

• "History on the Bedroom Wall" (written with Rebecca Jones)

• "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Murder"

• "Illusion of Control, The"

• "iMurder"

• "Invitation to a Murder"

• "Ivory Beast, The"

• "Jemaa el Fna" (first published as "The Exchange")

• "KLDI"

• "Last Call at the Bar of Invariable Length"

• "Last Slide-Rule Company, The" (published in Dutch only)

• "Leo's Den Affair, The" (written with Francis M. Nevins)

• "Lords' Prayer, The"

• "Lucifer Falls" (forthcoming in Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir, Vol. 4)

• "Masquerade" (published in Dutch only)

• "Message From Lowanda"

• "Milky Way, The"

• "Monkey Business"

• "Muggins"

• "Murdering Mary" (published in Dutch only)

• "My Brother's Keeper" (published in Dutch only)

• "My Shit's Fucked Up"

• "Night Movers, The"

• "Night of Power, The"

• "Not My Circus..."

• "Odds Are Good, The"

• "On the Beach" (published as by Chas. J. Thorpe)

• "Only the Good Die Young"

• "Other Man's Grass, The" (published in Dutch only)

• "Paramus Is Burning"

• "Paranoia Blues"

• "Pig is Committed, The"

• "Pisan Zapra"

• "Police Navidad"

• "Qatar Causeway, The"

• "Red Roses for a Blue Lady" (forthcoming in Black Cat Mystery Magazine)

• "S.O.S." (first published as "The Tipoff")

• "Sam Buried Caesar"

• "Secret Lagoon, The"

• "Selfie"

• "Seven-Year Bitch, The" (written with Dan J. Marlowe)

• "Sheikh's Beach"

• "Skyjack"

• "Spy and the Suicide Club, The" (written with Edward D. Hoch)

• "Starry Starry Night" (written with Rene Appel)

• "Stonewall Jackson Death Site, The"

• "Stopwatch of Death, The

• "Stork Trek" (written with Edward Wellen)

• "Supreme Art of War, The

• "Sword of God, The"

• "Take One"

• "Texas Kinda Attitude" (forthcoming in EQMM)

• "Theft of the Spy Who, The"

• "Their Last Bow"

• "This Will Only Hurt For a Moment" (published in Dutch only)

• "Time For a Change" (published in Dutch only)

• "Tonight's The Night"

• "Tortoise and Hare, The"

• "Tree of Life, The"

• "Two-Body Problem, The"

• "Under Water"

• "Vampire Shift, The"

• "'n Vrou se Spel" (published in Afrikaans only)

• "When You Sue, You Begin With Do, Ray, Me"

• "Whole Truth About How I Done It, The" (published in Dutch only)

• "Won't You Come Out Tonight?"

• "Yellow Rose of Texas, The"

• "Zero Hour"



The Adventures of the Puzzle Club (collection, by Ellery Queen and Josh Pachter, Crippen & Landru, 2022)

Amsterdam Noir (anthology, co-edited with Rene Appel, Akashic Books, 2018)

The Beat of Black Wings: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Joni Mitchell (anthology, edited, Untreed Reads, 2020)

The Further Misadventures of Ellery Queen (anthology, co-edited with Dale C. Andrews, Wildside Press, 2020)

The Great Filling Station Holdup: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Jimmy Buffett (anthology, edited, Untreed Reads, 2021)

The Man Who Read Mysteries: The Short Fiction of William Brittain (anthology, edited, Crippen & Landru, 2018)

The Man Who Solved Mysteries: More Short Fiction by William Brittain (anthology, edited, Crippen & Landru, 2022)

The Misadventures of Ellery Queen (anthology, co-edited with Dale C. Andrews, Wildside Press, 2018)

The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe (anthology, edited, Mysterious Press, 2020)

Monkey Business: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Films of the Marx Brothers (anthology, edited, Untreed Reads, 2021)

Only the Good Die Young: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Billy Joel (anthology, edited, Untreed Reads, 2021)

Paranoia Blues: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Paul Simon (anthology, edited, Down and Out Books, 2021)

Styx (novel, written with Bavo Dhooge, Simon & Schuster, 2015)

The Tree of Life (story collection, WIldside Press, 2015)

Uitnodiging tot Moord (story collection, published in Dutch only, Loeb Uitgevers, 1982)



• "A Bucharest Arrest" by Bogdan Hrib

• "A Long-Cherished Dream" by Carla Vermaat

• "A Normal Life" by Marion Pauw (forthcoming in EQMM)

• "After Closing Time" by Nova Lee Maier

• "After the Fall" by Bram Dehouck

• "Anchored" by Wouter Boonstra

• "Beijingle All the Way" by Fei Wu

• "Bloody Hot" by Rene Appel

• "Bunker, The" by Herbert De Paepe

• "Candy-Factory Girls, The" by Tessa de Loo

• "Checkmate in Chimbote" by Bob Van Laerhoven

• "Devil's Island" by Mensje van Keulen

• "Eight Days a Week" by Nicolet Steemers

• "End of the Line, The" by De Paepe & Depuydt

• "Final Analysis, The" by Luciano Sivori

• "Final Stage, The" by Ingrid Oonincx

• "Friends Like You" by Pieter Aspe

• "Garage 27" by De Paepe & Depuydt

• "Get Rich Quick" by Walter van der Berg

• "Girl at the End of the Line, The" by Abdelkader Benali

• "Houseful of Mussels" by Janwillem van de Wetering

• "Joyride" by Rene Appel

• "Kippers" by John Flanders

• "Last Run, The" by Michael Berg

• "Lighthouse, The" by Hilde Vandermeeren

• "Lipstick and the Teacup, The" by Havank

• "Lucky Sevens" by Theo Capel

• "Manic Monday" by Barbara Baraldi

• "Out of the Blue" by Carla Vermaat

• "Poet Who Locked Himself In, The" by Anne van Doorn

• "Promises, Promises" by Gert-Jan van den Bemd (forthcoming in Black Cat Mystery Magazine)

• "Proof" by Francois Bloemhof

• "Red-Handed" by Rene Appel

• "Red Mercedes, The" by Theo Capel

• "Return of Lord Kingwood" by Ivans

• "Russian For Beginners" by Dominique Biebau

• "Seven Bridges" by Max van Olden

• "Silent Days" by Karin Amatmoekrim

• "Soul Mates" by Christine Otten

• "Spui 13" by Anneloes Timmerije

• "Stinking Plaster" by Bavo Dhooge

• "Stranger in the Night" by Hilde Vandermeeren

• "Stranger Inside Me, The" by Loes den Hollander

• "Temp, The" by Rene Appel

• "There Goes Ravelaar!" by Janwillem van de Wetering

• "Tower, The" by Hannah Bervoets

• "Travelers' Rest" by Michael Berg

• "Trouble Brewing" by Dirk Vanderlinden

• "Welcome to Amsterdam" by Michael Berg



A Beasty Bridge, a graphic novel by Peter Van Gucht and Studio Vandersteen

Auntie Biotica, a graphic novel by Peter Van Gucht and Luc Morjaeu

Beatles: An Illustrated Diary, The, by Har van Fulpen

Dizzy Me, by Tania Stadsbader and Floris Wuyts (I translated Tania's half of the book)

Door de Bocht Scheuren met de Vermaarde Behaarde Freak Brothers, by Gilbert Shelton (translated from English to Dutch with Lydia Pachter)

Mister Snoid en wat Andere Verhalen, by Robert Crumb (translated from English to Dutch with Lydia Pachter)

Negen Levens van Fat Freddy's Kat, De, by Gilbert Shelton (translated from English to Dutch with Lydia Pachter)

Paperbacks, USA: A Graphic History, 1939-1959, by Piet Schreuders

Santa Monica, by Bo Dodge

Sexbomb: The Life and Death of Jayne Mansfield, by Guus Luijters and Gerard Timmer

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